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What is Boba Station?

Boba Station is Miami’s first Food truck dedicated in serving the best Bubble Tea in South Florida.

What are Bobas?

Bobas are sweet & chewy tapioca pearls, that are also known as “bubbles”, which can be a delicious addition to any iced tea or beverage.

Some history about Bubble tea…

Bubble Tea, or “Boba Tea” originated in tea shops in Taichung city, Taiwan during the 1980’s. Today, Bubble Tea remains a very popular drink all over the world.

Find Us!

Have fun sipping Boba and enjoy a refreshing antioxidant-rich drink. Boba Station has a huge selection of mixed iced teas and fruit smoothies. From traditional flavors to unique creations, we look forward to serving you a cup of our amazing Boba drinks!

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-Boba Station Team